Go Time – Week 12 Half Marathon Training

Week 12 It’s officially the end of “week 12” and my half marathon is this weekend! With tapering on the plate this week I had the following schedule:

Monday: Rest
Tuesday: 5 Miles
Wednesday: 3 Miles
Thursday: Cross Train
Friday: 3 Miles

Done. Done. Done!

I think I’ve figured out my game plan for this weekend. I will be honest, I’m really nervous about the weather. It’s possibly going to rain overnight so I feel like it will be a freezing cold start.

I picked up a few pairs of sweats to wear and toss as soon as we start (or once I feel warmed up). The Marathon/Half Marathon said they donated 500+ pounds of clothing to goodwill after the race last year so I’m good with that and do not feel bad tossing at all!

I decided to take a piece from Meb’s book, Meb For Mortals and set more than one goal. They are:

  • Under 2 Hour Half
  • Negative Splits
  • PR
  • Have Fun

I went out too fast at my first half marathon and I really would like to avoid that this time. I’m going to try and stick with a pace group at least for half of the run. If I can avoid the “we just started” adrenaline rush I feel like it could turn into a great race.

More than anything, I’m just looking forward to a fun and huge run.

It’s go time.

Half Marathon #2 Training Week #11

IMG_0365.JPG Training for my second half is officially wrapping up this week. It’s crazy to me how fast it came. It feels like I just signed up but that was about 5 months ago! Mentally I feel ready for this half marathon but I’m also scared of losing it mentally halfway through. I’ve been working on it though and I’m hoping to not have problems this time with that! I know the roads I’m running a lot better than I knew the ones for my first half marathon!

This weeks training was as follows:

Monday: Recover
Tuesday: Steady 4 miles
Wednesday: Intervals (1/2 Mile Warmup, 4×1/2 Mile Effort at Race Pace. 2 Minutes Easy In between. 6×1/4 Mile Effort just below race pace. 2 Min Recovery in between. 1/2 Mile Cooldown)
Thursday: Cross Train
Friday: 4 Miles Steady
Saturday: Rest
Sunday: 8 miles

I did skip out on cross training again this week. Ooops. Funny thing is, I swore that this time around I wouldn’t skip out on the cross training as much. I did do a long walk with the little man instead of cross training though.

IMG_0366.JPG Today was my long run and I felt so great for the entire run. Last week I struggled with my long run throughout the whole thing, I had been tired and up most of the night before so I was worried about today’s run. It went awesome and I came in WAY under pace.

I started reading Meb Keflezighi’s new book Meb For Mortals: How to Run, Think, and Eat like a Champion Marathoner and had to share this quote.

“Most of us have enough areas in our lives where we have to meet others’ expectations. Let your running be about your own hopes and dreams.”
― Meb Keflezighi, Meb For Mortals: How to Run, Think, and Eat like a Champion Marathoner


Half Marathon #2 Training Week #10

Weekly Runs Oh my goodness, only two more weeks. Part of me is nervous, part of me is excited. Now, I know there are people who run half marathons weekly and are saying “no big deal”, I’m trying to find their mentality!

Last year at this time I had just run my first 5k in 10 years. That felt like a huge accomplishment and I couldn’t imagine that I would actually be running my second half marathon.

This week’s training was:

Monday: Recovery
Tuesday: 4 Miles Steady
Wednesday: Intervals – 1/2 Mile Warmup, 4×1/2 Mile Effort at Race Pace. 2 Minutes Easy In between. 6×1/4 Mile Effort just below race pace. 2 Min Recovery in between. 1/2 Mile Cooldown
Thursday: Cross Training – Piyo
Friday: 4 Miles Steady
Saturday: rest
Sunday: 11 Miles

I decided to do a little modifying. In my first half marathon I lost my mental game somewhere around mile 9 and by mile 12 it was gone completely. My longest run had been about 11 miles or just over that. I decided this time around I wanted to go up to 12 miles, knowing that at the end of the day it was just one more mile.

In order to keep milage about the same I dropped Friday’s run to 3 miles and upped Sunday to 12.

Last Long Run I feel ready. Sunday’s run was a little bit slower paced overall than my previous ones had been but I didn’t really care. We had been up almost all night with a sick little man and just getting out and doing the 12 miles felt great. I’m trying really hard not to focus on pace!

Eeks, two weeks to go!

Half Marathon Training Week 9

Oh goodness, 3 weeks to go. I may or may not be starting to get a little bit nervous. This week had four runs, I pulled off three out of the four. To be honest, with Easter Sunday I really was convinced that I would get my fourth run in…. and then there was candy. Oops 🙂

Anyways the plan was:

Monday: Rest
Tuesday: 4 miles steady
Wednesday: 5 miles steady
Thursday: Cross Train
Friday: 4 miles steady
Saturday: Rest
Sunday: Long run

With Easter I flipped Friday and Sunday since I knew I would have more time on Friday.


Sunday just didn’t happen at all so there’s that.I also failed on cross training.

My long run felt great. I hit a similar course to what I hit last week and there were a lot of hills. Actually there were more hills & I hit the bottom of an unexpected one at mile 8 and was not exactly excited about it. I made it though!

I had to laugh that my pace wound up being the EXACT same average pace as the week before, I hadn’t expected that to happen at all.

One thing I’ve been trying to do is not follow my pace much on my long runs. I took some time off during training and I am not feeling like it is a good idea to push myself as much as I did for the last half on pace. I feel like I left the race disappointed with my time last time and I want to go in with no expectations. I have some in my mind but if they don’t happen, I know it happens. I’m following the way my legs feel.

My post run dinner was supposed to be pasta or pizza…. instead of it was 4 flavors of froyo and about 400 toppings.


Overall I feel pretty good after another week… I truly cannot believe there are only three weeks to go! We signed up back in December and it felt so far away.

How is your training going?

Half Marathon Training Week #8

Short Runs

Short Runs

Lost you there for a bit huh? To be honest, I stopped training for about three weeks so I didn’t really have anything to report. I did run a 5k though! I’m not going to get in the reasons for my three week break. Let’s just say it was necessary and didn’t end how I wanted it to. Emotionally I threw myself back into running this week and I’m ready to go.

Luckily this week was a “recovery week” for me so my runs during the week were three miles each. I hit up the treadmill for these and was able to knock them out pretty consistently.

10 Mile Run

10 Mile Run

My long run this week was supposed to be 7.5 miles since it was a recovery week. Unfortunately I had missed the 8, 9 and 10 mile runs so I decided to make it a 10 mile run since I wasn’t really recovering from anything.

The last time I ran further than 7.5 miles was October 26th and my first half marathon. Needless to say I had myself pretty psyched out for it.

All was right with the world though and I pulled it off. Throughout my run I decided I wasn’t going to check my pace at all. My watch beeped every mile so I had an idea of how far I was going but since I’m pretty out of shape in the long runs I didn’t want to try and push for a certain pace.

I’m running in a newer area to me and there are a number of hills so I knew that would make a big difference on my pace as well. Ultimately I’d like to hit this half marathon around a 9 minute mile so I was pretty excited when I realized that I had an 8:51 pace!

Post Run Selfie

Post Run Selfie

The Important Things

The Important Things

It was 37 degrees outside so not quite warm enough for short sleeves. I rocked the long pants and my favorite Nike Element jacket. In the shade I was just right in the sun it was a little hot.

Funny story, the gloves on the left were given out for free by Daves Running at the Smoke the Turkey 5k. They have become my favorite running gloves! I’m sure they’re pretty cheaply made but I would love another couple pairs of them! I will be sad if I ever lose them!

Not pictured is my GU Chomps which is what I think I’m going to fuel with for this race. Enough with the GU packets, the Salted Caramel was just so gross!

How was your run this weekend? Do you have a favorite pair of running gloves?


Half Marathon #2 Weeks 1-3

I officially finished week three, well sort of. Unfortunately it was all spent on a treadmill. Ugh. We are in the middle of non stop snow and cold in the Midwest. If you follow my non-running personal blog you will also note the amount of cold medicine I’ve been in love with lately. My updates have been sparse because well, running has been sparse unfortunately. Two separate colds have kicked my butt, my week of being healthy was spent with a sick little guy & now I’m wrapping up an ear infection. It’s been a fun February.

Week 1

Week 1

Week 1

This is officially the only week I’ve successfully made it through all runs. Yea, it’s been that crazy around here. As I mentioned pretty much everything is and will be treadmill for a bit. The plan was:

Monday: Rest/PiYo
Tuesday: 3 miles
Wednesday: 4 miles (Plus Double Volleyball)
Thursday: Rest/PiYo
Friday: 3 miles
Saturday: Rest
Sunday: 6 miles

Overall all four runs felt pretty good. I was fighting a cold but it tended to clear up as I was running & that made me feel pretty good. This was really my first time running since December. I got one quick run in back in January but not enough to say that it was worth mentioning too much.

It feels pretty good to be back and I’m actually really happy that I accidentally took January off. I think that helped my knee a bit and is giving me motivation to keep going!

Week 2

Selfie for Week 2

Selfie for Week 2

I only got two of my runs done this week and sadly one was actually the Monday after week 2 technically ended. Ugh.

The plan this week was:

Monday: Rest/PiYo
Tuesday: 3 miles
Wednesday: Tempo: 4 Miles at 75-80% Max Effort (Plus Volleyball)
Thursday: Rest/PiYo
Friday: 3 miles
Saturday: Rest
Sunday: 7 miles

Sunday’s run actually took place the next day, on Monday. I did get a few rounds of PiYo in and I’m enjoying that a lot. As for the tempo run & second 3 mile run…. that didn’t happen. I was frustrated when the week was over but was feeling pretty crappy and barely slept so just hoping to rest up and feel better this next week.

Week 3

Week 3

Week 3

So much for feeling better. Mid-week I wound up with an ear infection (still trying to hear out of my left ear) and that pretty much killed my runs this week. Bouncing & ear pain do not mix!


I also got new shoes last week, I decided to switch it up and went with the Nike Women’s Air Zoom Structure 18. I didn’t actually get to try them until my long run, but I think I love them.

The plan for this week was:

Monday: Rest (Did my 7 miles from the day before)
Tuesday: 4 Miles
Wednesday: Tempo: 4 Miles at 1-2% Incline, Each Mile A Little Faster
Thursday: Rest/PiYo
Friday: 3 Miles, Steady
Saturday: Rest
Sunday: 7.5 Miles

Well…. I got my 4 miles on Tuesday & 7.5 miles this morning… Not AS bad as I thought it would be but I’m bummed that yet again I missed a tempo run.

This week will be better! I now plan on running in the morning for the days that I need to get them done, so I am hoping that it fits with my schedule a little better. I’m also blocking sickness out of our house all together!

Just in time for a “Recovery Week”.

How is your running going?

Half Marathon #2 Training Starts NOW!

Over Thanksgiving my cousin and I decided we were going to run a half marathon together. She has run a few in the past and I wanted a redo on my first half marathon. I had learned a lot through the experience and was ready for another go. Plus I was seriously missing my long runs.

We are officially 12 weeks away and it’s time to kick off training for number two! Ironically we got a foot of snow last night and pretty much the whole Midwest is shut down. So, there’s that. I think I’ll be finding a treadmill this week.

Instead of posting daily, I’ll probably stick to weekly updates for training for this one. Mainly because I really ran out of things to say after awhile!

For the Dawn of the Dunes Half Marathon I stuck to a training plan based on time. In the end that really came back to haunt me towards the end of training. Going into the plan I had planned on sticking around a 10 minute mile, but I very quickly figured out that 9 minute mile was a better pace and really struggled to figure out how far I should be running each week.

I decided to check out Google & Pinterest to find my training plan for this one. I have sort of modified it into the following.

Training Plan Half Marathon Number 2

Training Plan Half Marathon Number 2


At the end of the day, I needed to find something that worked a little better for me. Mentally I hit the wall at mile 12. I decided that I needed to at least run up to 12 miles vs. stopping at 11 miles.

I am excited to get started again. I ran a total of 3.5 miles in January. Not at all what I had planned but life & Mother Nature had other plans for me. This week it’s probably treadmill time and hopefully this winter weather is gone!

When is your next race?

Back At It



I had a goal of hitting 550 miles for the year last year but I came up shy by about 6 miles. In the end I was okay with that. The flu, some big life changes & a whole lot of holiday travel prevented me from having any form of free time the last few weeks. On top of all of that Winter finally hit the Midwest. I draw the line at 20 degrees for running outside.

Today we had a random 40 degree day, the snow started melting, the ice disappeared and I decided to do a little exploring.

Not really knowing where I was going I just headed out for a run and discovered that I have a whole lot of hills around me. I was not planning on a hill workout but that was what my run turned into!

In the end I think I wound up doing 3 “major” hills and then a few little rolling hills throughout the run. I was used to having maybe one major hill in my run and sometimes would add in two more. It was a shock!

It’s been three weeks since my last run but damn it felt good to be out! It was pretty windy out so it was a little bit of a rough run but it felt great to stretch out. I was even a little sore tonight after it. The hills might’ve had something to do that.

Training for half marathon number two starts in a few weeks. I’m still trying to figure out how and when I can fit those runs in but I’m still excited to start. I won’t lie, I miss my long runs!

How was your holiday? Back at running? Dealing with winter?

#SweatPink #NoExcuses MadLibs

Sweat Pink

Sweat Pink

This month I have hopped on board with the awesome #SweatPink team for the #NoExcuses challenge! Kicking off this week we’re doing a MadLib challenge. Interested in joining the Sweat Pink Challenge? Sign up here!

Today we’re kicking it off with some MadLibs. I loved these as a kid.

  • Hey 2015, it’s me Kristin (nickname, spirit animal, real name, blog name)

  • This year I would like to run a half marathon, stay in shape, and run 12 5ks (MAYBE one a month!).

  • It would also be super duper awesome if I also blogged every few days this year. It’s not a resolution, though, just a reminder to myself to try and have the best year yet because this year I am focusing more on me.

  • The thing I am looking forward to most this year is keeping my family fit.

  • I’ll use the one thing that truly gets me out of bed in the morning is knowing that my workout is waiting and ill feel better which is to help me get up, get active (verb) and get after my #NoExcuses 2015.

  • Speaking of excuses (ahem), my very favorite excuse is little man was up all night and I have used it to get out of doing morning workouts and evening workouts on more than 1 (number) occasions.

  • I vow to move my body and be more healthy this year even if it means I have to keep moving when i don’t want to.

  • Even if my alarm clock gets eaten by the dog in the middle of the night, I’ll still get my butt in gear.

  • I will stop blaming little [ex: kids, dog, husband] for eating the rest of the ice cream when everyone knows it was really me.

  • My busy schedule [job, hair, car, husband, kids] are not the reason I make excuses. I will show my busy schedule [same as before] who’s boss this year and get my run [type of sweaty activity] on

  • I know that running [type of workout] is better than nothing [noun]

  • I will reward myself by feeling better overall

  • No Excuses 2015 has just begun and already I am imagining myself a winner. I can’t wait to rock a tank (article of clothing) from Augusta Active. I can’t wait till my sweaty friends are jealous of how fresh, clean and energetic (adj) I am between workouts with help from ShowerPill body wipes. I can see myself rocking burpees [yoga pose / workout move] in new capris [article of clothing from Actio926] from Actio926 and looking fit and fly while doing it. And of course, I’ll be taking my workouts to the next level and improving my runs [noun] with my new ActivMotion Bar to help me train for my next  half marathon [distance] race with Sasquatch Racing.

  • Oh, and let’s not forget how amazing my workout gear [article of clothing] will smell in my / during my runs [favorite type of workout] after washing with some WIN Detergent. And lastly, I’ll keep rocking my 2015 with clean eats and nutrition from Beaming with Health!

2014 In Review

Preface: This is going to be a long & emotional post. There will be rambling, there will be gloating, there will be good times, there will be bad times. I wanted to look back on 2014 & look at how much has changed. 

"I'm Not The Same"

“I’m Not The Same”

I started this blog December 10th, 2014. It was on Tumblr & the whole point was a place to record my workouts. It still mainly is my random thoughts & a place to record workouts but I’ve evolved in a lot of ways.

On December 18th, 2013 we weighed in for our work fitness challenge. I remember weighing in and laughing knowing that I probably would not participate but it was fun to think I would.

One year later I am down 35 pounds & exactly 8% body fat.

I would have never believed you if you would’ve told me that would’ve happened.

Working out has changed me in a lot of ways, but for the better. It’s my sanity, my break from life, my “me” time & my energy.

I used to live off of coffee & now its 80+oz of water a day and two cups of coffee. Starbucks was my best friend. I loved all kinds of pop (or soda), pizza, Chinese food, “lean cuisines” were all staples in my house.

Now it’s so different.

Don’t get me wrong, I have my bad days. I splurge, I stress eat. Hot chocolate makes it’s way into my life way more than I want to admit. I’m okay with that.

for the most part I’ve been in maintenance mode since mid-July. Give or take 3 or 4 pounds I have done a fairly decent job of keeping the weight off. I have also found a way to tone up a lot.


Dawn of the Dunes Half Marathon Finish

Dawn of the Dunes Half Marathon Finish

About a year ago I started working out again. On February 1 I hopped on the treadmill because I didn’t like the elliptical at a different Y I was visiting. Out of curiosity I wanted to see how far I could run.

I ran 1 mile and it took everything out of me, but that day I wrote down that my goal for 2014 was to run a 5k by the end of December.

If you would’ve told me a year ago how much running would play into my life, I probably would’ve laughed at you. (Actually Timehop even reminded me last week that I posted “I justified a second piece of cake because I worked out for the first time in two years). I have learned so much about eating, nutrition, running, training, stretching, not to mention the fun of anticipating a race.

Between growing friendships, making new friends, spending time with other friends, lots of training & “sanity runs” 2014 definitely changed back in February when I rediscovered running. Thanks to all of my girls who I had the opportunity to run with this year.

I topped off the year with 9 5ks, a 5 mile race & a half marathon. I broke my high school personal record by 4.5 minutes & had a great time doing it.

Activity Name Date / Time Watch Time Avg Pace
Ringing in the Spring 5k Saturday, Apr 5, 2014 27:56
Superhero Dash 5k Saturday, May 31, 2014 26:34
Happy Trails 5k Saturday, Jun 14, 2014 26:09 8:27
Footloose 5k Saturday, Jun 28, 2014 27:03 8:42
Friendship 5k Wednesday, Jul 16, 2014 25:48 8:17
Popcorn Festival 5 Mile Saturday, Sep 6, 2014 41:29 8:16
Race for the Cure 5k Sun, Sep 28, 2014 25:12 8:04
Dawn of the Dunes 1/2 Marathon Sunday, Oct 26, 2014 2:15:01 10:10
Jingle Jog Thursday, Dec 4, 2014 28:16 9:06
Smoke The Turkey 5k Thursday, Nov 27, 2014 24:33 7:45

I think I hit my goal.


If No One Thinks You Can...

If No One Thinks You Can… (credit nike)

I have read a lot of inspirational quotes over the last year. I probably drive some of my Pinterest friends CRAZY with the ones I save. Looking back on this year, there is no quote that sticks out more than this:

“If No One Thanks You Can, Than You Have To”

Running started out as a way to lose weight. It became fun, I became competitive. Along the way I found doubters. People who said that I was crazy, couldn’t do it, full of myself and at one point was told to “eat a f@#$ing cookie”.

Days like that I became more motivated.

We joke around a lot that one of our biggest motivators in this whole weight loss process was spite. Not going to lie, it was…. at the beginning. Once I started figuring out the amount of energy I was getting, how much better I felt & the long term benefits, I kept going.

So yes, spite & proving people wrong are good motivation but you have to keep pushing to prove those people wrong.

2014 Wrapped Up

December 17, 2013 | December 17, 2014

December 17, 2013 | December 17, 2014

Pounds Lost: 35 (give or take one or two depending on the day!)

5k PR: 24:32 (official time) @ Smoke The Turkey

Half Marathon PR: 2:14:00 (official time) @ Dawn of the Dunes

Most Fun Race: Smoke the Turkey & Dawn of the Dunes. For two very different reasons! I had an awesome support team at Dawn of the Dunes and at Smoke the Turkey I got to run with a friend I hadn’t run with in years!

Race I Want a Do-Over On: This ties in with my favorite honestly. As prepared as I thought I was going into Dawn of the Dunes, there were many lessons to be learned at my first half and I would change a lot of things. Then again… I get another chance in April at my second half!

Total Miles Run: 544.07mi (SO close to 550, but the flu and moving kinda set me back!) 

Biggest Lesson Learned: Outside of nutrition, I would say my biggest lesson is that the only person who can take care of your health is you. You have to want to see results & be ready to put in the work. I wouldn’t be writing this if it weren’t for my best friend. Don’t get me wrong. She and I have pushed each other to limits with running, weight loss, etc…. At the end of the day you don’t get the results from the workout you didn’t do. The only person who can do it, is you.